CSCS has recently received reports that holders of NPORS cards (one of CSCS’ partner card schemes) are having some workers turned away from site, as their cards were not deemed to be approved by CSCS.

CSCS has over 30 different card schemes displaying the CSCS logo. This has been leading to confusion at some sites that are not fully aware of the ‘CSCS Partner Card Schemes’ these cards represent such as the NPORS card. These cards hold the many specialist occupations such as plant, demolition and scaffolding and are evidence that the holder has the appropriate training for the required job.

“Just because a card looks different from a CSCS card doesn’t mean it should be turned away at the site gates. NPORS is an approved CSCS Partner Card Scheme and these cards should be accepted when presented at the site gates. The important thing to look out for, alongside the card holder’s identification, qualifications and training is the silver CSCS logo, this is usually displayed on the front of a card.” – Alan O’Neile, Head of Communications at CSCS

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